Websites: A Key Asset For Any Business


As consumers habits have changed many now favour the ease of searching online for information therefore a website is a key asset for any business or organisation. Nowadays often the first impression for any organisation is their website therefore it is essential for almost all organisations to have a high quality website. A high quality website should enforce the message of the business and enhance their brand online.

A high quality website must make sure technical aspects such as ease of use, navigation, speed, responsiveness and security are balanced with visual design to make a graphical appealing website.  More than ever before, customers judge the credibility of an organisations just based on their website. If a website is of substandard quality then visitors may leave, never to return again. Many decisions are now based solely from looking at a website and without seeking information from any other sources.

Organisations also need to make sure that they have a consistent offline presence as well to support and enhance their online presence. Consistent uses of branding, colours and imagery are essential to reflect a company’s goals and appeal to the desired consumer.


A customer’s journey to buy an iPad from 3 different countries

The presence of retailers both online and offline in UK provide customers wide options. So customer here would like to read the reviews on websites like Argos & eBay to evaluate alternatives. So, there is high probability that a customer will shop online as h/she has more choices online in terms of price and it is convenient for most of them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 08.17.33


For a customer in India, online purchase is not reliable and convenient option as the delivery system in country is not properly developed and adopted by online merchants and delivery is available only in few areas. A consumer would prefer to go in store and like to interact with store personnel to get best advice and buy the product. Whereas, consumer in Brazil would prefer to buy it from overseas seller or might travel to other place to buy it, as the import duty on foreign technology is relatively higher there. Overall, it shows large differences in decision making of consumers based on cultural, & economical differences.

Ajay; website with the best content… is a football club website of Manchester united and in my perspective has the best content. Its first page with seven different language options, links to social media for its customers is renewed every day with illustrations of best players, clothes on sale, events and many more. Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.29.27 PM Its content on the following page is readable with title attributes that give a user an option to access full content without facing any compatibility issues on any device. Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.30.07 PM From the user device’s point of view, the accessibility to this website is essential to reading the content available.

by Gonzaga-Gonza

Role of Website Design

Website is digital face of any organisation. Website design can help to determine whether the consumer will get attracted towards website and make final purchase. Trustworthiness of a website is also determined by the quality of it’s design and also act as a business card for many organisations. It becomes necessary that visual presentation of website must represents company’s core values and message has been carefully communicate through it.



Design not only helps in credibility of a business but also affects ranking of website in Search Engine optimisation. For example: Most business redesign their website as it does not meet the requirement for high ranking on Google and try to integrate all elements which help in ranking factors.

To conclude, website design affects company’s image both directly or indirectly so it is worth investing in good website design.



The importance of web design in digital marketing strategy


The web has become an essential part of everyday life for most people, means that a good web design can attract people to visit, i.e. website pictures and video on the home page. Website development strategy is unique for every client. It is key that planning website strategy is integration of the web into the existing business plan. Moreover, an increasing number of pay attention to E-commerce development, thus, a well web design strategy can improve online marketing effective, to take full advantage of the web, to test and adjust, until find the most effective strategy.

[Online] Available:

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Tracking you everywhere on the Internet; Facebook privacy policy


Opinions on the new Facebook privacy policy that tracks the users activity depend on individual perspective. The company mentioned the effectiveness of the policy as one that assists the user by gathering information he/she wants in a personalized manner and stops him/her from seeing unwanted information. Facebook also claims that this new change improves the advertising as one’s information can be branched into other apps like Instagram, tweeter and LinkedIn possibly. We should however take into account that advertising is Facebook’s key to revenues as it enjoys profit from it. The policy is said to have been effective from Jan 30th, and Facebook said to have notified its users for a period of one week, which in my opinion is limited time to inform the entire world about sharing their privacy. Not only that, it mentioned that it sent emails informing the users about the policy and need they remember the junk mails which few people check these days. I personally never got the notification and wouldn’t allow my privacy to be open to the public of which public am not certain. Facebook however allows users to opt out of some parts of the policy by customizing the privacy settings but to opt out of the site tracking, users need to go through the European Digital Advertising alliance for the case of European users and it’s equivalent in US.

by Gonzaga-Gonza

The importance of web design in digital marketing strategy

A company’s website is like a twenty-clock standby service, it can produce more surprises on the internet, communicate with national culture or industry, make their business without borders, if the site done well, as there be a very imposing foreign business letter or cooperative message that the site is one of the means of enterprises to create business value. Website design is one of a great website content spindle, it is the first impression to browsers for the first time to enter, showing of concept and image of company. To know that a very solemn atmosphere and the official website can bring more business opportunities for small medium companies. Different companies have different corporate culture and industry thinking, so importance of the development and design of the site should not be underestimated.



Digital Marketing and Social Media: Why Bother?


Many companies and organisations look at digital marketing and social media and consider why bother? Is it worth our time and investment? With real social relationships migrating to the virtual world online communities have developed that bring people together across the globe. Organisations know they should engage in online activities and be part of these online communities but many still don’t. A journal article by Maria Tiago and Jose Verıssimo considers just that, ‘Digital marketing and social media: Why bother?’

While there are many journals arguing the case for engaging with customers online and how beneficial it is for customers there are very few that consider the reverse of this. I found this article interesting as it looks at digital marketing and recent digital trends but mainly looks at how companies and organisations might benefit from online investment.

Written from the perspective of a business or organisation this journal first lays out an understanding of digital marketing and social media usage as well as its benefits and inhibitors before considering the investment required. An area often overlooked by organisations is that developing a digital strategy and social media strategy requires investment from organisations in terms of time and finances. The most interesting part of the article is the author’s research into where companies plan on investing, the table below shows their results;

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.35.46

(Tiago, Verıssimo 2014:706)

81% of businesses want to invest in social media. Social media is seen as the way forward for many businesses. In addition to this the next biggest area of Investment is email marketing, despite this area having a bad reputation and often producing poor results.

For any organisations Return on investment is important (ROI) but for digital marketing calculating the return can be difficult. Although several models have been proposed there have been no widely accepted models to measure engagement and return on investment. Considering how dynamic and fast paced digital marketing is with web trends are emerging all the time digital marketing does require on-going substantial investment in order for business to remain competitive.

If you are interested in social media and digital marketing then the paper is well worth a read. Another good book on the topic is ‘Profitable Social Media Marketing’ by Tim Kitchen and Tashmeem Mirza, they consider how to get the best return on investment from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin.

What digital marketing area are you wanting to invest in during 2015? leave your comments below.

Tiago, M., Verıssimo, J., Jones, M., and Prybutok, V. (2014) ‘Digital Marketing and Social Media: Why Bother?’. Business Horizons (57), 703-708

Written by Matthew

Will Facebook’s new app for the workplace be successful?


In November 2014, ”Financial Time” report that Facebook at work is already launched in Apple App Store, and wait for the trial to select corporate partners. Facebook at work let users create a work account that keep secure, confidential and completely separate from their personal Facebook profiles. With a Facebook at work account, users can share information with co-workers. Things users share using work account will only be visible to other people at company. The new app resembles Facebook’s main product, but keep posts private with a specific company.

Facebook at work interface will use standard edition Facebook like newsfeed, messaging tools and grouping functions, and enable users to use the standard version of the account login, designed purely for use within individual companies. However, the office users work data and personal data is completely isolated, Facebook will not collect any office data.

It is Facebook’s move to complete with existing workplace communication and collaboration tools form big technology companies like Google and Microsoft, as well as from emerging startups like Slack. In addition, it different from LinkedIn, Facebook at work is currently only used for communication between colleagues, therefore, a more direct competitor is Jive Software, Salesforce Chat and Microsoft Yammer. Facebook at work is no advertising service, so that potential sources of income contribution to enterprise users.

Many companies still ban staff from accessing Facebook during office hours, but the social network is hoping to win over the corporate critics with Facebook at work, a version of its service designed for use within companies. Facebook at work could provide a valuable new revenue stream for Facebook, although the company has not revealed how it plans to charge for its new service, or even whether it plans to charge for it at all.

Research from Gartner has predicted that gloablly, businesses will spend $344bn on “enterprise sofeware” in 2015. If Facebook can take even a small slice of that, it would make a significant impact on the company’s business, which currently is dominated by advertising sales.

BY Lin