Design Influences

Two important factors which indirectly influence design of websites/blogs are the visual layout and the presentation of pages contained in the latter.

Fitness of purpose
Different websites have different purposes, so when designing it, the designer should begin by establishing a checklist of features that are essential and desirable. Upon completion, the design must be able to achieve all essential features. Any desirable features the product has will be a bonus and may assist in placing the product above its competitors in the market place.
• Layout
• Theme
• Comment box
• Subscribe button/option
• Contact us Page
• Search engine optimization

Navigation features assist visitors to surf through your website. If you add complex navigation features on your website, your visitors will find it tough to surf through the pages of the website. Another factor that was considered when designing the website was navigation and ease of use. An important consideration for any website is making sure that users can easily find information and navigate through the website. For our blog we made sure that the top menu bar contained all the important links needed to navigate through the website. Another consideration was making sure that blog posts could easily be found.

Content Categories

Categories have been added to organise blog posts so that similar topics can easily seen together. A categories navigation bar has also been added to the side of the website as a widget to aid navigation. As more posts and content is added, more categories will be used. Search functionality for the blog was also integrated meaning users can search for keywords and content.


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