The meaning of colour

Color has played an important role in consumer’s behaviour theories and marketing planning activities as it has direct influence in consumer’s choices and buying intention (Grossman & Wisenblit, 1999). Applying to digital marketing, website’s colors are said to have a strong relationship with viewer mood and memorization (Pelet & Papadopoulou, 2012).

Black, white and yellow are main colors applied in DigitalFour blog. Black and white were chosen for text and background due to their high contrast level, as a result, this makes the blog looks clean, tidy and easy for viewer to see the blog’s content as well as creat professional feeling. For header pictureand widget titles, yellow is used as contrasing factor to make them more outstanding, hence attracts viewer attention due to “Isolation effect”. In addition, according to the research from Luscher and Scott (1969) yellow is associated with sunlight, so it has high level of arousal, which helps the blog looks livelier, attract more attention and may help increase the page view duration. On the other hand, colour may influence the way consumer view the personality of the brand (Sighn, 2006), we would want to associate the “excitement” and “trustworthiness” of yellow (Kreiter and Kreitler, 1972) to the blog as a fun, young sharing experience of digital marketing sites to viewers.


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Task leader: Tham Ngoc Tram


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