Tracking you everywhere on the Internet; Facebook privacy policy


Opinions on the new Facebook privacy policy that tracks the users activity depend on individual perspective. The company mentioned the effectiveness of the policy as one that assists the user by gathering information he/she wants in a personalized manner and stops him/her from seeing unwanted information. Facebook also claims that this new change improves the advertising as one’s information can be branched into other apps like Instagram, tweeter and LinkedIn possibly. We should however take into account that advertising is Facebook’s key to revenues as it enjoys profit from it. The policy is said to have been effective from Jan 30th, and Facebook said to have notified its users for a period of one week, which in my opinion is limited time to inform the entire world about sharing their privacy. Not only that, it mentioned that it sent emails informing the users about the policy and need they remember the junk mails which few people check these days. I personally never got the notification and wouldn’t allow my privacy to be open to the public of which public am not certain. Facebook however allows users to opt out of some parts of the policy by customizing the privacy settings but to opt out of the site tracking, users need to go through the European Digital Advertising alliance for the case of European users and it’s equivalent in US.

by Gonzaga-Gonza


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