Will Facebook’s new app for the workplace be successful?


In November 2014, ”Financial Time” report that Facebook at work is already launched in Apple App Store, and wait for the trial to select corporate partners. Facebook at work let users create a work account that keep secure, confidential and completely separate from their personal Facebook profiles. With a Facebook at work account, users can share information with co-workers. Things users share using work account will only be visible to other people at company. The new app resembles Facebook’s main product, but keep posts private with a specific company.

Facebook at work interface will use standard edition Facebook like newsfeed, messaging tools and grouping functions, and enable users to use the standard version of the account login, designed purely for use within individual companies. However, the office users work data and personal data is completely isolated, Facebook will not collect any office data.

It is Facebook’s move to complete with existing workplace communication and collaboration tools form big technology companies like Google and Microsoft, as well as from emerging startups like Slack. In addition, it different from LinkedIn, Facebook at work is currently only used for communication between colleagues, therefore, a more direct competitor is Jive Software, Salesforce Chat and Microsoft Yammer. Facebook at work is no advertising service, so that potential sources of income contribution to enterprise users.

Many companies still ban staff from accessing Facebook during office hours, but the social network is hoping to win over the corporate critics with Facebook at work, a version of its service designed for use within companies. Facebook at work could provide a valuable new revenue stream for Facebook, although the company has not revealed how it plans to charge for its new service, or even whether it plans to charge for it at all.

Research from Gartner has predicted that gloablly, businesses will spend $344bn on “enterprise sofeware” in 2015. If Facebook can take even a small slice of that, it would make a significant impact on the company’s business, which currently is dominated by advertising sales.

BY Lin


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