A customer’s journey to buy an iPad from 3 different countries

The presence of retailers both online and offline in UK provide customers wide options. So customer here would like to read the reviews on websites like Argos & eBay to evaluate alternatives. So, there is high probability that a customer will shop online as h/she has more choices online in terms of price and it is convenient for most of them.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 08.17.33


For a customer in India, online purchase is not reliable and convenient option as the delivery system in country is not properly developed and adopted by online merchants and delivery is available only in few areas. A consumer would prefer to go in store and like to interact with store personnel to get best advice and buy the product. Whereas, consumer in Brazil would prefer to buy it from overseas seller or might travel to other place to buy it, as the import duty on foreign technology is relatively higher there. Overall, it shows large differences in decision making of consumers based on cultural, & economical differences.



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