Hi, I am Ajay! I am from North India and have been studying in UK from past 5 years. I completed my PGD in Business Management from Birmingham and currently studying MA Advertising and Marketing at Coventry. I started my career with basic marketing that later shaped my view and helped me to develop interest in Marketing concept.

I have also got some experience in promoting different businesses and really keen to understand various marketing theories which can be implemented in practical world.


Lin Sun


hey, I’m HAO from China, before I came to Coventry university, got three years work experience on events in China world hotel. I study advertising & marketing here. If possible, I wanna be a expert about PR in my career.
I really interesting in watching movie and discussing the fashion trend. Also crazy in the creative stuffs or ideas.

Gonzaga-Gonza Rutaruuka

hello, am Gonzaga from Uganda. my coming to Coventry University was mainly to learn about Digital Marketing. i have a graphic design background
so i came to Coventry University to up grade my marketing and advertising skills. am interested in Digital Marketing as it’s a new field that is taking the world by storm.
am Engaged with two lovely kids (Twins) who make my life so beautiful. my Hobbies are farming, photography, and Designing.
am interested in health Issues, Manchester United(the best football club in the world).
am a good listener, i like to face challenges and find solutions.



Hi, I am Tram from Vietnam. I was amazed by the creativity and innovation of Marketing since the very first lesson and decided to pursue this interesting subject as my career path. Currently I am doing Marketing & Advertising postgraduate degree in Coventry University.
My hobbies? Hum.. let’s see… eating and travelling are my passion as I love exploring new culture as well as exploring delicious dishes at the same time.
What I always keep in mind when facing issue is “Always look at the solution, not the problem”so that I will prioritize on generating results first rather than being sad or keep complaining about it.



Hi, i’m Matt and i’m from Doncaster in Yorkshire. I graduated last year from Coventry university after studying entrepreneurship. I previously ran my own business for 3 years and decided to study Advertising & Marketing as I love the creativity involved with designing adverts.

My hobbies include photography and gaming. I am already working on my next business that will hopefully launch when I have finished my Postgraduate degree!


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